Products are currently under development.

The Shadow VM implementation of DAGGER

As we continue to push the boundaries of cloud computing, we have developed a revolutionary solution that utilizes DAGGER as a consensus-driven server orchestration protocol. With this technology, we are able to network together decentralized commodity clouds, specifically Shadow Operator virtual machines on micro-clouds, under a user-friendly front-end UI/UX experience. This effectively decentralizes virtual machine provisioning. These virtual machines are similar in concept to the popular cloud providers options like Amazon EC2 instances or Digital Ocean Droplets. However, the back-end resources and "network stack" are owned and operated trustlessly by individuals/entities who are Shadow Operators.
With the ability to effectively decentralize virtual machine provisioning, Shadow Operators have the power to revolutionize the cloud computing industry by providing a more secure, transparent, and efficient solution for users. This technology has the potential to disrupt traditional cloud providers and empower individuals/entities to take control of their cloud resources. We are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of cloud computing with this groundbreaking technology.
This proof-of-concept technology is currently under development for future deployment, and we have yet to set a release date. Our recent unveiling of this technology at the Solana Breakpoint 2022 event has generated significant buzz and excitement within the industry.

The Mobile implementation of DAGGER + Shadow Drive

With our recent success in recompiling DAGGER on the Solana Saga mobile platform, our roadmap now includes the deployment of DAGGER to mobile devices, which will bring fast Layer-2 finality across mobile peers and deeper integration with Shadow Drive + Solana Mobile for our builders.
By leveraging the power of mobile resources spread across the globe, the convergence of DAGGER technology with the Shadow Platform will position us well for emerging trends such as "data-as-code," AI-edge apps, and the monetization of idle latent resources by mobile users. This will enable us to stay ahead of the curve and provide our users with cutting-edge technology for their building needs. This project remains in very early stage development and a release date has yet to be determined.