Installing Shadow Drive

pip install shadow-drive
Also for running the examples:
pip install solders
Check out the examples directory for a demonstration of the functionality.[STORAGE_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS]

Example End-to-End Script

from shadow_drive import ShadowDriveClient
from solders.keypair import Keypair
import argparse
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('--keypair', metavar='keypair', type=str, required=True,
help='The keypair file to use (e.g. keypair.json, dev.json)')
args = parser.parse_args()
# Initialize client
client = ShadowDriveClient(args.keypair)
print("Initialized client")
# Create account
size = 2 ** 20
account, tx = client.create_account("full_test", size, use_account=True)
print(f"Created storage account {account}")
# Upload files
files = ["./files/alpha.txt", "./files/not_alpha.txt"]
urls = client.upload_files(files)
print("Uploaded files")
# Add and Reduce Storage
# Get file
current_files = client.list_files()
file = client.get_file(current_files[0])
print(f"got file {file}")
# Delete files
print("Deleted files")
# Delete account
print("Closed account")

About the Github Repo

This package uses PyO3 to build a wrapper around the official Shadow Drive Rust SDK. For more information, see the Rust SDK documentation.


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